Autocar Truck

Autocar Truck

The most modern Terminal Tractor on the market- the AUTOCAR. They continue to lead the way from power-train performance, cab safety and security, to interior ergonomics and cab suspension design. They are changing the paradigm of building heavy duty trucks for the yard tractor market to make operators more efficient. They strongly believe that they designed the industry’s most modern, safe to operate, sturdy, operator friendly, purpose-built truck with numerous best-in-class features and benefits.

Autocar has invested the last 3 years and millions of dollars to learn from operators and understand and appreciate the unique aspects of this application, and driver-operator environment.

One of the best lineups of quality products the company developed is the X-spotter series. The off-road unit was designed to move trailers within a facility surrounding manufacturing, warehouse or loading operations. They truly believe that this unit will become the leader in the spotting tractor industry!

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