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Terminal Tractors like the new Xspotter can use CNG fuel alternative

on 11 May, 2012

If you work in construction or work or live on a farm, a yard truck is the only practical vehicle you’ll consider buying. But what happens if you need a yard truck and still want to be considerate of the environment? Awareness of the rise in the cost of diesel fuel, Autocar industry developed new and improved eco-friendly terminal trucks, the XSpotter Series. They are used in much heavy duty truck applications, and are available with a factory- built natural gas power called Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). CNG is fossil fuel substitute for gasoline, diesel fuel, and LPG. It is widely considered a more environmentally “clean” alternative to conventional fuels. It is also much safer than other choices in the event of a spill: it will quickly disperse when released because natural gas is lighter than air. Aside from the eco-friendly fuel, XSpotter series also have a Cummins diesel power option. The Cummins provides a 200 HP power source @ 2600 RMP, and registers 520 ft-lb of torque.  …

AutoCar’s Dealers Hitting the Rental Market Strong

on 20 April, 2012

We have heard from a few users that their most recent rental units were Xspotters’ which didn’t take us by to much surprise. A few Kalmar and Capacity dealers have jumped ship and made the move (this is no surprise for those who read our monthly newsletter) and are now stocking new rental fleets and tossing out the rest. Rental and leasing programs are a great way to quickly prove the trucks reliability especially if they are in use in high turn yards. Everything we received from the users can be summed up in one sentence: they are very pleased with the units but cautioned that each of the units were still new (well under 5000 hours) and they were not sure how they will hold up overtime. One comment stated that the operation the Xspotter was much smoother than compared to their new 11′ Kalmar Ott 30 unit which was down for repairs. Another user said the truck reminded him of the Terberg YT models and seemed to…

Jim Hawk Truck Trailer, Inc Partners with Autocar

on 5 April, 2012

Jim Hawk Truck Trailer Inc. is excited to announce our partnership with Autocar LLC and their X-Spotter.   Jim Hawk Truck–Trailers, Inc. has been THE source for spotters in the Midwest for 25 years.  In July of 2011, we began a new era with the addition of the industry’s spotter to our great lineup of quality products.  We truly believe that this unit will become the leader in the spotting tractor industry!    Our sales staff is knowledgeable and our service techs are second to none in the ability to keep your terminal tractor running. Autocar and Jim Hawk Truck Trailer build and sell the most durable terminal tractors in the industry.  Jim Hawk Inc. offers new stock units with a host of comfort features and cold weather extras.  We also build custom trucks spec’d with the exact details that your operation requires.  We stock….. The X-spotter series are comfortable, functional heavy duty equipment.  The off-road unit was designed to move trailers within a facility surrounding manufacturing, warehouse or loading operations. The X-spotter DOT…

Glasvan introduces industry to Autocar shunt trucks

on 4 April, 2012

Glasvan had several units on display, which represent the first Autocar shunt trucks built for the Canadian market. A longtime shunt truck dealer, Glasvan announced a deal with Autocar late last year to become its first Canadian distributor. The industry has a storied history as a heavy vehicle manufacturer, but has been producing terminal tractors for only the past four years or so. George Cobham Jr., vice-president of sales and marketing with Glasvan, said his company has worked closely with the industry to develop a Canadian spec’. “We spent a lot of time working directly with the industry’s engineer,” he told in an interview at the event. “It took many months of going back and forth and many conference calls. We needed to incorporate our Canadian harsh climate package, our safety package and our driver comfort package, which included about 25-30 items. They’d done a lot of those items before, but not all together on one truck, so they had to get this all done for us to…

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