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Yard Trucks

on 24 July, 2012

Finding the right used tractor or used yard truck for a job could be one of the most difficult parts of getting the job done. There’s always people vying for the right be the one that provides the service. While there are many options for getting yard truck parts, it’s common knowledge that to find the best deal one must look around for it. To find a quality used yard truck or tractor to help get your job done you could look at some top providers like,, and All of these professional minded sources are some of the leading names in the business to provide used tractors, trucks, and yard truck parts. There are many different terminal tractor companies and tractors available. In order to get exactly what’s needed, there also must be a level of quality, trust, and satisfaction that goes along with the tractor. For instance some companies have different fuel sources and specifications for each of their tractors. That in turn will attract…

Terminal Tractors-Your Solution to Yard Spotting

on 20 July, 2012

You would not use a steak knife to cut a 2 x 4. It might work….eventually. But it is definitely not the right tool for the job. And you would not use a hand saw to slice that tasty t-bone steak, either. Right? You want the right tool for the job. You don’t need too much or too little. You don’t want to big or too small. Investing in terminal tractors  is much the same. It is the right “tool” to accommodate your needs in yard spotting. It offers cost efficiencies, design innovation, and warranty longevity. Some reasons that you might consider: Enter and exit ease. The cab of the terminal tractor is ergonomically designed so that your driver can easily mount and dismount. This will result in more inefficient labor and reduction in injury. Designed for easy hook-up and disengagement. Once in the cab, the driver can engage and disengage without dismounting. This will save $$$ in the reduction of workers’ compensation injuries as well as the obvious time savings. Terminal…

Terminal Tractors: They’re Anything But “Terminal”

on 22 June, 2012

If you google the word “terminal”, most probably, you’ll receive tons of results including  Computer terminal, Airport terminal, or even the movie, “The Terminal” directed by Steven Spielberg starring Tom Hanks and Catherine Zeta-Jones. It could also associates to heart attacks, brain hemorrhages, or cancer- none of which sound even the slightest bit appealing. The word “terminal” can be connected to danger, or even death. But what if something “terminal” could keep people out of danger, save money, or could enhance business efficiency? You’ll probably be wondering what word this could be.  You must have heard about this word, and perhaps already encountered with it. A Terminal Tractor is a specialty truck intended for speedy, secure, safe, and effective movement of cargo containers or semi-trailers. They are often collegially referred as “yard trucks”. If your business has anything to do with shipping or receiving large amounts of materials, you are aware that the transportation of trailers and cargo containers can be very dangerous while operating traditional means, wherein the…

AutoCar’s Dealers Hitting the Rental Market Strong

on 20 April, 2012

We have heard from a few users that their most recent rental units were Xspotters’ which didn’t take us by to much surprise. A few Kalmar and Capacity dealers have jumped ship and made the move (this is no surprise for those who read our monthly newsletter) and are now stocking new rental fleets and tossing out the rest. Rental and leasing programs are a great way to quickly prove the trucks reliability especially if they are in use in high turn yards. Everything we received from the users can be summed up in one sentence: they are very pleased with the units but cautioned that each of the units were still new (well under 5000 hours) and they were not sure how they will hold up overtime. One comment stated that the operation the Xspotter was much smoother than compared to their new 11′ Kalmar Ott 30 unit which was down for repairs. Another user said the truck reminded him of the Terberg YT models and seemed to…

Do You Need a Terminal Tractor?

on 12 April, 2012

Certainly a powerful motor-driven vehicle can help you run your operation faster and more efficiently, but how do you decide if it is worth the cost? To help determine if you really need a Yard Truck, consider these questions: Are you moving trailers in a confined or restricted area? Are you running a cross dock operation? Are you working in a chemical plant or construction site? Are you running a freight yard, inter-modal ramp, container station, or any type of facility where trailers or containers need to be loaded and unloaded quickly?     If your answer to any of these is “Yes,” there’s a good chance that a Terminal Tractor would be an excellent fit for your business. In general, if you have operators using up valuable time cranking up trucks before hooking up, then it’s worth doing some calculations to determine how much you could increase your efficiency by utilizing a Yard Truck instead. Another factor to consider is the safety of your operators. While speed and…

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