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Terminal Tractors Used Terminal Tractor | Terminaltractorsales http://www.terminaltractorsales.com Your Terminal Tractor Source on Kalmar and Ottawa Trucks, Autocar Trucks and Capacity Truck Mon, 05 Aug 2013 05:55:22 +0000 en-US hourly 1 http://wordpress.org/?v=4.2.2 AUTOCAR INDUSTRIES COMMENCE STRATEGIC ALLIANCE FOR TERMINAL TRACTORS http://www.terminaltractorsales.com/autocar-industries-commence-strategic-alliance-for-terminal-tractors/ http://www.terminaltractorsales.com/autocar-industries-commence-strategic-alliance-for-terminal-tractors/#comments Mon, 05 Aug 2013 05:54:01 +0000 http://www.terminaltractorsales.com/?p=1149 As the most modern Terminal Tractor on the market, Autocar Industries continue to lead the way from powertrain performance, cab safety and security, to interior ergonomics and cab suspension design. The industry believe that they designed the industry’s most modern, safe to operate, sturdy, operator-friendly, purpose-built truck with numerous best-in-class features and benefits; changing the paradigm of building heavy duty trucks for the yard tractor market to make operators more efficient.

Autocar Industries, LLC recently welcomed the three now full authoried distributor partners to join the national list of top quality distributors coast to coast: Barloworld, Headquartered in Charlotte, NC and well positioned throughout the Southeast; Jim Hawk Truck Trailers, Headquartered in Council Bluffs, Iowa and well positioned throughout the Midwest to the Rocky Mountains; and Stoops Freightliner, Headquartered in Indianapolis, and well positioned throughout Indiana and Western Ohio.

“Over the past two years we have been truly fortunate to have major top notch distributors and now hundreds of major end users do their diligence on Autocar and our extended team’s capabilities, speak to our customer references, and give us a chance to prove ourselves by acquiring and now operating Autocar Xspotters. We have done our homework, we’re up for the challenge of this market, and we will not let them down,” said Eric Schwartz, Senior Vice President, Autocar Specialty Vehicles Group.

In addition to these three aforementioned distributors, Autocar is pleased to also mention our other premier industry proven distributors who have joined the Autocar terminal tractor team coast to coast: Los Angeles Freightliner in Southern California; Industrial Power and Equipment in Fort Worth Texas; Pacific Power Products in Oregon and Washington; Mission Valley Truck Sales in San Jose California; Peach State Freightliner in Georgia; Rendel’s Inc. in South Chicago; Advantage Truck Center in North Carolina; Colonial Truck Sales in Virginia; Wicks Trucks in Nebraska; and Utility Trailer of New England.

Another big time industry have entered into a strategic marketing alliance for terminal tractors with the Autocar Industries, the YARDLink Services, Inc. Both industries will cross-promote their terminal tractor products and services throughout the United States, and Canada. The Autocar Xspotter will be the official yard truck of YARDLink. YARDLink will provide yard management and staffing solutions to Autocar’s customers looking for alternative creative yard management and staffing solutions. YARDLink will work in close coordination with Autocar’s distributors.

James Neebling, president of YARDLink, mentioned that they are excited about the partnering with Autocar Industries wherein this company has over 100 years of experience manufacturing premium heavy-duty terminal trucks. Neebling believed that such alliance will benefit both companies, and is looking forward to leveraging the opportunities it presents.

All of these distributors have deeply experienced Sales and Services personnel who truly know and understand the nuances of this specialty niche market, and having strong relationships with terminal tractor customers with whom they have done business with for years.

One of the best lineups of quality products the company developed is the X-spotter series. The off-road unit was designed to move trailers within a facility surrounding manufacturing, warehouse or loading operations. They truly believe that this unit will become the leader in the spotting tractor industry!

“The relationship that we have developed between YARDLink and Autocar is innovative for our collective clients. Our Autocar Xspotter distribution channel now has the ability to offer high quality dedicated and yard management solutions for our terminal tractor customers, while also offering the safest, most productive, value packed Terminal Tractor on the market,” said Scott Miller, Director of Retail Sales of Autocar.

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NEW HYBRID TERMINAL TRACTORS; TAKING A LEAP TO CLEAN AIR INITIATIVE http://www.terminaltractorsales.com/new-hybrid-terminal-tractors-taking-a-leap-to-clean-air-initiative/ http://www.terminaltractorsales.com/new-hybrid-terminal-tractors-taking-a-leap-to-clean-air-initiative/#comments Tue, 30 Jul 2013 08:13:39 +0000 http://www.terminaltractorsales.com/?p=1142 Another clean air initiative has taken shape – on the US East Coast – involving the integration of hybrid technology with two Kalmar/Ottawa terminal tractors. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the main benefactor of the project, together with the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, APM Terminals, Parker Hannifin Corporation and the Port of Rotterdam, targets to lower emissions at the nation’s ports and demolish technical hurdles for hybrid terminal tractors to become commercially viable. A number of leading authorities around the globe are striving to lower emissions at the nation’s ports and demolish technical barriers for hybrid terminal tractors to become commercially viable. Kalmar/Ottawa is contributing to this initiative by not only supplying units but also providing the research and development required to implement the machines with the new technology. Kalmar/Ottawa will contribute to the two-year project by not only supplying the units but also providing the research and development required to implement the machines with the new technology.

Since emission standards are strictly implemented, and considering the rise in the cost of diesel fuel, engineers moved forward to develop the hybrid powerful motor-driven vehicle.  The Ottawa terminal tractors will use a diesel-hydraulic system that will combine the cleanest available diesel engine technology with components that use hydraulic fluid compression to store energy. The hybrid technology is expected to improve the vehicles’ fuel efficiency by 50% to 60%, reducing emissions during idling, and decreasing brake wear.

Most hybrids use some form of electricity to generate savings. A smaller engine (either diesel or alternative fuel) will recharge batteries, or the vehicle can be plugged in, causing downtime and creating the additional cost of alternative fuel and charging stations. Because of the current initial high investment of these technologies, it is felt that there will be four generations before these types of hybrids become stable and cost efficient. On the other hand, hydraulic energy is a proven and mature technology, transfers the highest percentage of energy, and offers the lowest initial investment and shortest return on investment of any of the hybrids.

“The decision to develop hybrid terminal tractor technology on the US East Coast reflects US ports’ commitment to cleaner operations. Kalmar/Ottawa is at the forefront of R&D when it comes to environment-conscious products, which makes us the ideal partner to provide terminal tractor product expertise to this initiative”, said Says Stefan Johansson, Vice President of Trailer Handling for Kalmar/Ottawa.

Another commentary about the said terminal tractors came from Mikko Vuojolainen, the Vice President of Ottawa Terminal Tractors, and he said “The normal application of a terminal tractor involves many stops and starts where frequent idling and reverse motion is common. This inconsistent use of power makes it difficult to consistently capture regenerative energy. After carrying out extensive testing on a variety of alternatives, it was clear that ST Kinetics’ Hy-POWER hydraulic hybrid drive system combined with clean diesel engine technology offered the most benefits to the customer and environment. In this application, energy is only transferred twice as opposed to four times with an electric hybrid. The pressure to reduce emissions at ports and in urban areas is strongest in the United States. We have engineered the Kalmar hydraulic hybrid drive terminal tractor to help customers meet ever-stricter regulations in this part of the world and to combat expensive exhaust after-treatment solutions. In addition to financial constraints, companies operating large fleets of equipment in confined spaces, often near urban developments, can come under significant pressure to reduce their environmental footprint.”

Hydraulic Hybrid Ottawa Terminal Tractors protect the environment by reducing gas emissions and their environment footprint – increasing fuel savings up to 20% in typical applications. Such terminal tractors have engines that operate in optimum power range, thus improving engine life; and it has flexible power train configuration. The advantage of hydraulic hybrid operates more efficiently than the electric hybrid.

Kalmar’s new hydraulic hybrid technology is part of Cargotec’s Pro Future™ concept and is the best solution to the economic and environmental challenges. Hydraulic hybrid technology enables up to 75% of the energy being transferred, thus reducing fuel consumption and exhaust emissions without impairing performance. We deliver top performance to our clients combined with sustainable technological solutions.

Kalmar/Ottawa is currently contributing to a two-year hybrid Ottawa terminal tractor project. The Kalmar/Ottawa terminal tractors will be equipped with either a hybrid-hydraulic system estimated to lessen emissions by 93%, which equates to 19 tons of nitrogen oxide and 200 pounds of particulate matter.

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CARGOTEC OFFERS ECO-FRIENDLY TERMINAL TRACTORS http://www.terminaltractorsales.com/cargotec-offers-eco-friendly-terminal-tractors/ http://www.terminaltractorsales.com/cargotec-offers-eco-friendly-terminal-tractors/#comments Tue, 30 Jul 2013 08:13:11 +0000 http://www.terminaltractorsales.com/?p=1141 Cargotec’s cargo and load handling solutions are used worldwide in all cargo flow hubs. As part of Cargotec, Kalmar/Ottawa improves the efficiency of cargo flows on land and at sea – wherever cargo is on the move. Its global network is positioned close to customers and offers extensive services that ensure the continuous, reliable and sustainable performance of equipment. Kalmar’s sales totaled EUR 3.1 billion in 2011 and it employs approximately 10,500 people. Kalmar’s class B shares are quoted on NASDAQ OMX Helsinki under symbol CGCBV.

The success of Kalmar’s purpose-built Ottawa terminal tractors continues to go from strength to strength with the recent production of its 50,000th unit at the company’s US manufacturing facility in Ottawa, Kansas.

“For more than 50 years, Kalmar has been offering world-class trailers handling solutions for port, intermodal and distribution customers. Our market leadership in terminal tractors, with our Ottawa Truck, is the result of our dedicated people, willingness to adapt to customers’ needs, and ability to produce productive, cost effective machines”, said David Wood, Director of Terminal Tractors in North America.

In addition to the gasoline-powered Ottawa terminal tractors, Kalmar also offers an expanding portfolio of eco-friendly terminal tractors. These include machines that are powered by alternative fuels, such as Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG).

Given that its customers include a large number of industry leaders, Kalmar is committed to innovation and developing more environmentally friendly, energy-efficient, and safer solutions. Continuously upgrading existing products and solutions is very much part of the equation too.

The ultimate objective is to reduce equipment costs throughout a product’s service life, while improving eco-efficiency through improved construction and components, and developing alternative fuel solutions and automated systems to reduce emissions.

Related to a comparatively-implemented diesel powered spotter truck, the fuel-driven type takes not much of time to accomplish extraordinary speeds and has higher utmost speeds in each third and fourth gears, the corporate mentioned earlier. The Ford 6.8L 3-Valve V10 engine provides 240 horsepower and 450 ft.-lb. of cycle at a combination of 800 rpm for remarkable effectiveness and handling characteristics demanded by ports and distribution terminal machinists, the manufacturer added. It’s doubled with an Allison 3000 RDS transmission with 1-3 gears, most agility of 33.2 MPH and 1-4 gears, maximum speed of 45 mph. The hind rod is the Meritor RS-24-160 with 7.17:1 quantitative relation and every one axle ratio choices are reachable. Additionally applicable is the Meritor RS-23-186 with 7.83:1 ratio for DOT/Environmental Protection Agency yard dog below 33 MPH, 116-in. wheelbase.

The fuel powertrain system is accessible with every Ottawa Spotter 4×2 off-road and 4×2 DOT/EPA yard spotter. Particular selections comprise an erect exhaust system with an agitator muffler, OBD II and J1939 analytic networks under the dash, 50-gal. Stepping-type fuel tank mounted on driver’s facet, Ford starter and 175 amp generator and Ford flat panel type air filter. 2 batteries are customary.

Awareness of the rise in the cost of diesel fuel, and with emission regulations growing ever stricter, Kalmar launched late last year the industry’s first Hydraulic Hybrid Terminal Tractor. Featuring improved performance, better fuel efficiency and reduced nitrous oxide and particulate matter emissions, the hybrid machine joins Kalmar’s portfolio of eco-friendly Ottawa terminal tractors.

Kalmar, together with Cargotec, sealed the deal with Container Terminals (ECT), because of its longstanding relationship and its time proven ability to deliver a total solution of high performance, eco-friendly products and excellent service. Kalmar will handle servicing of the Kalmar DRF 450-60S5 reach stackers and the Kalmar DCF 100-45E7 and DCF90-45E6 empty container handlers. State-of-the-art facilities and the newest information and communication technologies are vital to ECT for optimum operations. Environmental needs are also an important factor. The Kalmar reach stackers, which will be used at ECT’s inland terminals, comply with current emission legislation without sacrificing performance or fuel efficiency. The Kalmar reach stackers are fitted with the latest Volvo diesel engines using Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology to deliver near-zero NOx and harmful particulate emissions. The significant reduction in emissions is achieved without affecting capacity, productivity, safety or quality. There is no increase in service intervals or costly downtime as the system is designed to last the lifetime of the engine. The highly flexible and reliable Kalmar reach stackers facilitate efficient container operations for deep-sea, inland and rail terminals. The heavy duty DRF450-60S5 model selected by ECT boasts a capacity of 45,000kg, smooth automatic gearshift and smart operator controls.

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Kalmar Ottawa Lift Trucks – 20,000Kg to 50,000Kg http://www.terminaltractorsales.com/kalmar-ottawa-lift-trucks-20000kg-to-50000kg/ http://www.terminaltractorsales.com/kalmar-ottawa-lift-trucks-20000kg-to-50000kg/#comments Wed, 05 Jun 2013 05:20:50 +0000 http://www.terminaltractorsales.com/?p=997 01

The strong 20-50 tonne range has proven performers made for the most demanding handling applications. It’s what makes them the most popular machines of their kind in the world. You have an tons of choices but with the 20-50 tonne it is so easy to find the right build for the application. We then ensure every design and detail is thoroughly matched against driver demands. So when investing in Kalmar, you’re investing in optimal productivity and overall economy.

Opt for forks or special attachments for real heavy-duty power and functionality. The cab can be either centre- or side-mounted, achieving the best visibility for all drivers. Benefit from heavy-duty engines, transmissions and hydraulics plus the tilting cab maintenance wise. There are also electronic control options for automatic gear changing while a Can-Bus controlled monitoring allows easy driving and fault diagnosis.


  • Can-bus control system
  • Choice of cab position (side of centre)
  • Choice of tilt cylinder positions (low or high mounted)
  • Visibility
  • Heavy duty
  • Wet disc brakes

Specifications – Lift Trucks – 20000Kg to 50000Kg


Model DCD200-250, DCF280-500
Capacity 20,000kg – 50,000kg
Load Centre 600mm – 1200mm
Engine Diesel
Cab options Spirit Delta
90° Aisle stacking width 9160mm – 12600mm
Service Weight 29,800kg – 61,500kg
Brake Type Wet Disc
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Kalmar Lift Trucks – 9,000Kg to 18,000Kg http://www.terminaltractorsales.com/kalmar-lift-trucks-9000kg-to-18000kg/ http://www.terminaltractorsales.com/kalmar-lift-trucks-9000kg-to-18000kg/#comments Wed, 05 Jun 2013 05:15:55 +0000 http://www.terminaltractorsales.com/?p=995 02

These machines have a gain its reputation for their drive feel, smart handling and clear visibility. They put the operator in real control. So together with their renowned quality, long-life reliability and simple servicing, you’ve all you need for years of efficient working and superior overall economy.

The Latest Kalmar 9-18 tons machines are also easy to adapt to a driver’s needs. Choose from a host of unique solutions, where advanced electronics rationalize handling and make it safer than ever – all on your terms. Welcome to a total feeling of control.



Visibility through mast and carriage
Visibility to the rear
Range of cabs – Flexguard, Flexcab and Spirit Delta
Available with Optirev or Optidrive
ECS control system
Forkshaft system
500 hr service intervals
Wet disc brakes

Specifications – Lift Trucks – 9000Kg to 18000Kg

Model DCE90 – DCE180
Capacity 9,000kg – 18,000kg
Load Centre 600mm – 1200mm
Engine Diesel & LPG
Cab options Spirit Delta, Flexcab, Flexguard
90° Aisle stacking width 6240mm – 8770mm
Service Weight 15,200kg – 22,400kg
Brake Type Wet Disc
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Kalmar Lift Trucks – 5,000Kg to 9,000Kg http://www.terminaltractorsales.com/kalmar-lift-trucks-5000kg-to-9000kg/ http://www.terminaltractorsales.com/kalmar-lift-trucks-5000kg-to-9000kg/#comments Wed, 05 Jun 2013 05:12:10 +0000 http://www.terminaltractorsales.com/?p=993 03

The specified and precise handling performance that’s goes with real power, all thanks to Kalmar’s range of 5-9 ton light industrial forklifts. This heavy-duty machine provides fast, safe, budget-wise and very economical in its handling.

Their strong design and full-toned drive lines are at the center of simple and smooth operation. Integrated intelligence, together with many selections in its functions, giving the operator full control. So you can be sure of quick and very efficient operation with small to minimal risk of damage to all goods handled. An extensive range ensures you’ll find the right powerful motor-driven vehicle for your specific industry needs. Also one more important information about the heavy-duty equipment, as it was built for quality and reliability are Kalmar trademarks, you can be sure you’re gaining the best balance of operating economy and long life.

Specifications – Lift Trucks – 5000Kg to 9000Kg

Model DCE50-90L, ECE50-90L, GCE50-90L
Capacity 5,000kg – 9,000kg
Load Centre 600mm – 900mm
Engine Diesel, LPG & Electric
Cab options Spirit Delta, Flex cab, Flexguard
90° Aisle stacking width 4925mm – 6435mm
Service Weight 8,300kg – 11,700kg
Brake Type Wet Disc

]]> http://www.terminaltractorsales.com/kalmar-lift-trucks-5000kg-to-9000kg/feed/ 0 Capacity of Texas Review Updates http://www.terminaltractorsales.com/capacity-of-texas-review-updates/ http://www.terminaltractorsales.com/capacity-of-texas-review-updates/#comments Wed, 17 Apr 2013 02:03:53 +0000 http://www.terminaltractorsales.com/?p=985 With Capacity of Texas’s line of terminal tractors, there was a single value that influenced the design and abilities of the vehicles: muscle power.  With this influence, it offers multiple powerful motor-driven vehicles with their own specifications and strengths. This line means business, certainly to those who are capable of bench pressing over twice their own body weight and value raw intensity as much as the manufacturer clearly does.


The line is comprised of four tractors.  The first of which, the TJ5000, is available in off-road and highway options.  It has a GCW of 81,000 lbs., and GCW represents the ‘gross combined weight’ of the vehicle.  In other words, if one were to take the weight of the TJ5000 and add in the weight of the largest possible cargo the heavy duty equipment is able to carry, the total weight would be at a maximum of 81,000 lbs.

The second model is the TJ6500, which is best if a still-compact option with larger weight capability is desired.  Described as a ‘serious workhorse that gets the job done,’ this motor-driven vehicle has a GCW of 125,000 lbs. and a gradeability of 90,000 lbs. at a 17% grade.

The third model is the TJ7000, which has the same GCW as its predecessor (125,000 lbs.), but the difference is in its gradeability, which is of 98,000 lbs. at a 21% grade.


The last model, which has been dubbed ‘the mother of pure muscle’ by Capacity itself, is the TJ9000, with a GCW of 242,000 lbs. and a gradeability of 100,000 lbs. at a 21% grade.  These final two models are only available as an off-road vehicle, due to their immense stature.

Now that the logistics have been explained, we can examine the actual heavy- duty equipment themselves.  Upon a close inspection, the trucks seem to have a design reminiscent of a toy truck that a small child would play with, not of a power vehicle able to transport and perform at the level of which Capacity so boldly boasts.  The operator’s seating area seems to be quite cramped and uncomfortable, with a cab smaller than that of other trucks on the market.  The aesthetic of the brawny vehicle looks quite dated, in fact, with no visible modern or cutting-edge additions to the vehicle.

They hope to make up for in their innovative system called a ‘DuraRide suspension system.’  Unlike other terminal tractors on the market, the DuraRide scheme separates the vehicle from road shake that might occur from the harsh terrain one might encounter while driving such vehicle.  Basically, it consists of two air springs that react to the amount of weight on the fifth wheel, and assist the vehicle in maintaining consistent ride height throughout use.

Those who crave power, muscle, and sheer load strength will flock to these models.  They will be compromising aesthetic appeal by using devices with such an out-of-date appearance.  They will absolutely revel in the feeling of using such a dominating and brawny vehicle.

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Kalmar Ottawa Terminal Tractor Review http://www.terminaltractorsales.com/kalmar-ottawa-terminal-tractor/ http://www.terminaltractorsales.com/kalmar-ottawa-terminal-tractor/#comments Tue, 16 Apr 2013 00:34:52 +0000 http://www.terminaltractorsales.com/?p=982 In a nation dominated by cutting-edge innovation, the Kalmar Ottawa terminal tractor hopes to live up to its company’s self-proclaimed reputation as the “industry forerunner in terminal automation.”  In the short description of its 4×4 Terminal/Ro-Ro Tractor, the machine’s newness is spoken of quite a bit, perhaps in hopes of ascending to the coveted role of ‘industry forerunner’ as an up-to-date, modern terminal tractor.  Claims are made of its updated degree of operator comfort, space, and visibility, including features such as a tilting cab and revolving seat.  Upon further look, the visibility does seem to have improved: the windows and outboard mirrors have been enlarged, providing a better view for operators of the vehicle.


Kalmar states they have produced a machine with a ‘logistic-specific design’ so that each aspect of the tractor’s build is tailored directly to its purpose.  While this sounds impressive, upon a closer look, it simply means that Kalmar puts certain parts on the vehicle to perform their specific job, which is typically how most companies construct their products.  (For example, wheels are put on a car so that the car is able to move.)

However, aside from the necessary parts of the tractor, some nice bonus options are available.  The machine can come with heated mirrors to further the visibility quality, in addition to having a roof skylight as well as window guards.  The engine can be customized alternatively to change factors such as the displacement and horsepower.  The description of the tractor boasts of features such as a cockpit-style operation system, a beaver tail for low-height trailer connections, and a power steering system for increased ease in agility and maneuvering, all options that seem to be standard on most other brands of terminal tractors as well.

Conversely, Kalmar does include some aspects that stand out.  One such notable feature is the tractor’s ergonomically designed cab.  With self-cleaning steel tread that cover the bottom of the cab, the rear deck, and the catwalk, no maintenance is necessary on the floor.  Many parts of the cab are developed specifically for the ease of entry and exit.  The sliding rear door provides this, as well as access to the tractor’s rear for the hook-up.  Large hand rails increase the safety while mounting and dismounting through the rear, as well as the option of raising the cab, which allows the operator to stand up and use the rear door with more comfort.

In summation, the Kalmar Ottowa terminal tractor has its advantages and disadvantages.  Evidently, with so much focus put into its ease of use (entrance, exit, cockpit, etc.) there seems to be an abundance of quality in that respect but some lost in others.  Kalmar itself states that the tractors aren’t built for beauty.  This is perfectly acceptable, yet the aesthetic design leaves something more to be wanted, as it is much more plain, basic, and less modern than most other terminal tractors on the market.  So if you’re interested in purchasing such a device, get your priorities straight: if simplicity is your ideal, the tractor is for you.  If not, it might be smarter to search elsewhere.

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Expert advice in handling terminal tractors http://www.terminaltractorsales.com/expert-advice-in-handling-terminal-tractors/ http://www.terminaltractorsales.com/expert-advice-in-handling-terminal-tractors/#comments Mon, 04 Mar 2013 06:56:44 +0000 http://www.terminaltractorsales.com/?p=972 KALMAR OTTAWA (K.O.), one of the world leading brand most of the time used for terminal tractors. It was first manufacture in USA. The only dealer in Kansas City is Westfall. It was first established in1998 under categories of tractors as private company. They have experience employees who are more than 60 in the Westfall GMC department; it also includes 29 parts countermen and 7 fleets’ specialist. They operate warehouse which is 47,000 square-feet. The specialists are dedicated to assist clients with road worthy spare parts for the vehicles. There is instant shipping in case you make an order for your tractor or any vehicle. All GM vehicles including Chevrolet, Cadillac, Pontiac and includes also Buick are carried on.


Ottawa Truck also not only offers genuine accessories for personal vehicles but also they offer services that helps your car last long. They also offer you additional stocking for your tractor, car or track. You can conveniently accessories your track or car at the same place you bought it without incurring any money. It is the best that dealer in vehicles accessories as it not only gives best service at a cheaper rate but also they offer genuine accessories which last long. The parts department ensures that they work closely with service and sales representatives thus provide the best to the costumers. The experience and very knowledgeable staff ensures you get moving on the road.

Sales department in the world’s leading brand, Ottawa gives their customers number one priority in terms of offering everything quality for K.O. Truck.

Sales department deal with vehicles ranging from crossovers and SUVs to ensures that your vehicles get moving. They work directly with its customers be it landscaping bodies, dump trucks, delivery vans and others. The product lines include all-electric ECF50-90, yard trucks and new hydraulic hybrid tractors. The terminal tractors are very improved and cost effective. It has no down time due to recharging and very easy to maintain.

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Looking for the right terminal tractor model to buy? http://www.terminaltractorsales.com/looking-for-the-right-terminal-tractor-model-to-buy/ http://www.terminaltractorsales.com/looking-for-the-right-terminal-tractor-model-to-buy/#comments Thu, 08 Nov 2012 10:49:35 +0000 http://www.terminaltractorsales.com/?p=942 You might be confused on what brand of terminal tractor and model you are going to purchase. There are outstanding brands to choose from but there are only three leading tractor companies that you should be looking into, these are the  Autocar, Capacity of Texas, and Kalmar (Ottawa). Terminal Tractor are made for the same purpose such as durability, safety and efficiency in moving semi-trailers or cargo containers. This makes them similar from one another that is why to provide a run through on their differences would help you select the right terminal tractor. This will cover both Company history and aspect of a terminal truck such as durability vs. reliability, best seller, eco-friendly vs.easy maintenance, driver/operator friendly and lesser cost through prolong use.



                Kalmar is the market-leading brand in container handling solutions in ports and terminals in the world where containers are handled by ship-to-shore cranes, yard cranes, shuttle and straddle carriers, reach stacker and empty container handlers. In fact, they are the UK and Ireland leading provider of container and heavy-duty handling solutions.

Kalmar (Ottawa) is a gold standard; highest durability and reliability; and the largest dealer network of terminal tractor. For over 50 years in North America, Ottawa terminal tractors have been the “gold standard” in the terminal tractor industry. A gold standard is a monetary system in which the standard economic unit of account is a fixed weight of gold.  Their terminal tractors are known for their excellent durability, operator comfort, service ease and latest generation engines featuring the cleanest in engine technology. Being the prime mover of terminal tractors, Ottawa was the first to offer equipment with an automatic transmission, a rear door entry, integral air conditioning units, power cab tilt and ABS brake systems. Ottawa terminal tractors were also the first on the industry to obtain DOT/EPA certification – a paramount classification for distribution and industrial customers whose operation entails shunting trailers between yards via local streets and roadways.

As policies for gas emissions become firm and cost of diesel gas continues to go up, a hydraulic hybrid drive terminal tractor is launched to offer the customers a high-end performance and savings on gas expense and even a great reduction in nitrous oxide and particulate matter emissions. Kalmar also focuses on improved cost effectiveness. Aside from improving the petroleum economy and lesser gas emissions, its terminal tractor is equipped with the optional high-power hydraulic hybrid drive system that employs smoother acceleration and lessen’ s driver exhaustion and drive line wear. The competitive task of the machine also lets the truck to move on without engine power, further saving fuel and eliminating emissions altogether. All this combines to make the cost-effectiveness of a Kalmar hydraulic hybrid drive terminal tractor the most competitive hybrid solution on today’s market.

Ottawa also offers an expanding portfolio of Eco-friendly including machines powered by gasoline and alternative fuels, such as CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) and LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas).

Compressed natural gas (CNG) is a fossil fuel replacement for gasoline (petrol), Diesel fuel, or propane/LPG. Its combustion does produce greenhouse gases; hence, it is a more environmentally clean alternative to those fuels, and it is safer than other fuels in the event of a spill (natural gas is lighter than air, and disperses quickly when released). CNG may also be assorted with bio gas, formed from landfills or waste water, which does not raise the concentration of carbon in the air.

It has no downtime due to recharging and is easy to maintain. The parallel system allows the vehicle to function with or without its secondary power source.The configuration of the hydraulic hybrid components allows them to be effortlessly accessed, and they have been built to even survive the typical life cycle of a terminal tractor. Scheduled maintenance intervals are checked twice. Furthermore, it does not require expensive replacement parts, helping to drive down the machine’s lifetime operating costs.



Capacity is a high-strength; single piece structural steel frame intended to meet the most challenging moves a terminal tractor can do. They have a ground-breaking DURA RIDE® system and it is the gossip of the industry – engineered to give ease and security to the operator while reducing pressure and maintenance cost to the truck. Capacity deems that terminal truck is only as good as its comfort, price and durability. In addition, their trucks were manufactured in an ISO 9001 registered quality system; persist to be the most durable terminal trucks in the business industry.

ISO 9001 is Quality Management Standard. It is the globally known standard for the quality management of businesses.  Additionally, it applies to the processes that produce and manage the products and services an organization provisions; recommends organized control of activities to make sure that the requirements and expectations of consumers are met; and is designed and planned to apply to any merchandise or service, made by any process anywhere in the world.

Implementing a Quality Management System will inspire employees by defining their key roles and responsibilities.  Cost savings can be made through better competence and output, as product or service deficiencies will be highlighted. In this way, improvements can be made, coming up with less waste, unsuitable or discarded work and lesser complaints. Company’s patron will notice that orders are met without fail, on time and to the exact specification. This can boast the market place therefore increase the opportunities.

Once a company has applied ISO 9001, they can save money, increase profit, win more business and satisfy more customers.

Capacity have brought in the status of being a leader in design and durability because of their bound and determined pursuit to keep pushing the cargo industry forward for more than 40 years. At present, they have another strong channel through which to use a brand synonymous with powerful terminal tractors.

In the United States, Canada and Mexico; capacity terminal tractors are available to cargo handlers. Customers now can lease or rent the industry’s most innovative and durable terminal tractors in the market. Maintenance and service capabilities are also at ease with capacity. They provide affordable and reliable solution for businesses that are in need of specialized and competitive cargo-handling equipment. Capacity terminal tractors are mainly used to move cargo in seaports, inter-modal workstations, railing yards, storehouses and circulation centers.

Capacity has a positive feedback from drivers and operators. Testimonies show that they can easily and safely operate capacity terminal tractors manufactured by Capacity if Texas. It plays an important role in moving, transporting, loading, and unloading urns in container terminal vicinity and any container maneuver yard with the surrounding area of container terminals yard therefore accumulating support to the smooth execution of harbor operations.



If you are looking for a car manufacturer specialized in the production, assembly, merchandising and service of low-cab-forward and other function 8th Class trucks, then go for Autocar, LLC.

Just like the other Original Equipment Manufacturers, Autocar are safe and easy to maneuver. They do not let their end users inconveniently use their cars especially that their target market and market share is large. Even a simple individual can own an Autocar, whether or not it is for commerce, public or private use. Their major customers consist of municipalities, navies, and private transporters, in the nation and beyond. They are the only company that has the enthusiasm and proven capability to focus on sustaining niche severe function markets. Autocar has supplementary dedicated employees numbering to more than 300 folks and continues to increase its market share at a quick rate over its competitors.

By means of a solid stream for improvements to their new line – ranging from innovated ergonomic cabs, incorporated controls, and an incomparable body framework to a new hybrid-drive vocational truck – Autocar has staked out a place as the industry’s machinery and innovation leader. In addition, the company is soon to announce the new customize and engineered trucks for innovative severe functions.





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