The hybrid Kalmar tractor uses two, parallel power sources.

As the Kalmar Truck introduced the Ottawa 4×2 off-highway terminal tractor, big changes came to their line. As a result, it was a hydraulic hybrid with more fuel efficiency and cleaner operation. It’s really worth keeping an eye on.

Since emission standards are strictly implemented, and considering the rise in the cost of diesel fuel, engineers moved forward to develop the hybrid powerful motor-driven vehicle. The parallel power system is unlike an electric hybrid: the hybrid machine transfers the energy twice vs. four times with an electric hybrid.

The new hybrid design brings a new standard in operational efficiencies in the following areas: IMPROVED COST-EFFECTIVENESS, NO DOWNTIME DUE TO RECHARGING, EASE OF MAINTENANCE, and other benefits.




Efficiency begins in the yard where drivers operate their rigs in tight turns and a lot of stop-and-go in port facilities or distribution yards. At the core of the vehicle’s fuel economy is the HY-POWER hydraulic, hybrid drive that allows zero emissions and fuel savings when the engine isn’t running when the ‘inching function’ is in use.

The Kalmar hybrid operates without any need for a charging source because the ‘secondary power’ is coming from the hydraulic system that is put in use during the inching function.

It’s easy to access all the hydraulic hybrid mechanisms. What’s more, the maintenance schedule is not as demanding, plus it does not require a premium outlay to replacement the parts.

The inching function allows for a smoother acceleration; driver fatigue can also be minimized with this feature as well as less stress and wear on the driveline.

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