Kalmar Truck

Kalmar Truck

Used around the world in terminals and ports for cargo-handling, the Kalmar Ottawa (K.O.) Truck line provides several solutions for your distribution center or yard. They are not built for beauty, they are built to do a job- they are built to move trailers. Their trail spotters have a unique look, intentionally designed to make trail moving faster, and more efficient and productive than other uses you can choose. Their trucks offer the best and precise maneuverability and pulling power. They also provide comfortable environment that allow operators avoid fatigue and increase their productivity.

Easy entry, easy exit.

Operators gain easy entry or exit through the rear sliding door or driver-side door. Once on board, they don’t have to dismount until the job is done–they can complete the entire engage/move/disengage process from the tractor cab and deck.

Visibility is key.

The K.O. Terminal Tractor cab provides superior operator visibility in all directions. The large windows and oversized outboard mirrors give operators full perspective when maneuvering with or without trailers.

Ergonomics mean easy operability.

The K.O spotter cab provides a comfortable environment (warm or cold, day or night); cockpit-style controls in easy reach; and flat, uncluttered floor space that allow operators to avoid fatigue and increase productivity.

Power, maneuverability, adaptability.

With its short wheelbase; high-torque, low horsepower diesel engine; and low rear axle ratio, our terminal tractor offers the best of all worlds–precise maneuverability, on-demand pulling power, and low operating costs. Plus, K.O. spotters can work in all types of yards; move trailers of various sizes; and, move trailers with varying king pin settings and heights.

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