Lease a Terminal Tractor

Why is Leasing the Newest trend in Acquiring your New Terminal Tractor?

Let’s face it…Terminal Tractors – like all equipment – are much more sophisticated than they were just a few short years ago. Yard trucks have advanced systems on board – computers, hydraulics and so forth.  Many companies and organizations have discovered the advantages of a Full Service Lease – offering the benefits of an operating lease without the traditional headaches of Acquisition, Service, Parts and Disposal of the equipment – let the Yard Truck experts at design the perfect lease to fit your operating needs.

Here are the main reasons why the Leasing trend is growing so rapidly with Terminal Tractors:

  • Little or no acquisition costs – preserve your cash
  • Maintenance, Repairs and Parts are handled by your leasing expert – no need for a shop or mechanics
  • Predictable equipment costs
  • No liability on your balance sheet – tax deductible and doesn’t interfere with bank covenants
  • Walk away at the end of the lease – no hassle trying to re-market used equipment

The knowledgeable experts at have collectively decades of experience leasing Yard Trucks and other types of equipment.  Let us share that knowledge with you.  You will find yourself very well equipped with the proper knowledge to help you to make the best decision for your company.  Like anything, there are various options – and some pitfalls to avoid – we know them all!

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Nationwide Service

The experts at offer leases nationwide, through our vast network of authorized yard truck dealers and service providers.  From coast to coast, it’s no wonder companies of all sizes have come to rely on us for their Terminal Tractor needs.  We offer a variety of options in equipment, including “Off Road” models, DOT Certified spotter trucks and Tandem Axle DOT Certified yard trucks.

Many of the Terminal Tractor dealers in our network also have rental Terminal Trucks available for  short term, seasonal or emergency spotter needs.

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