Ottawa Truck Models Are Still Popular Under Kalmar Industries

Ottawa Truck

Ottawa Yard Truck

The Ottawa Truck (O.T.) line provides several solutions for your distribution center or yard. Even though the O.T. Company was picked up by Kalmar in 1958, this popular line of yard spotters is still known for high quality in materials and construction. Kalmar was actually the first automobile company in America to introduce the terminal tractor.

The construction even makes many of the older O.T. models still popular today. This includes the Ottawa Commando and Ottawa Spotter truck, both running with a diesel Cummins engine and all steel wheels.

The Ottawa Commando, or yard spotter, is a medium duty truck with tandem rear axles and a 5.9 liter diesel engine. The tilted hydraulic cab offers more driving comfort for any yard truck operator.

Another popular O.T. is the Ottawa Spotter. Available in several cab configurations, the Ottawa Spotter is powered by a Cummins diesel 6.7 liter engine with 173 horsepower and an automatic engine. This yard truck has a single rear axle.

If you are looking for a newer powerful motor-driven vehicle with large, heavy treads, used for pulling farm machinery then you should consider hybrid technology. A hybrid yard truck such as the Kalmar Hydraulic Hybrid Terminal Tractor might be for you. Introduced in December 2010, the Cargotec’s goat is an off-highway terminal tractor where the addition of a special hydraulic system helps increase the efficiency of start-stop activity.

Aaron Trupen, of, explains that “when the truck brakes, much of the energy is converted into compressed hydraulic fluid. This is then released as a boost to the drive system, as needed, to lower the amount of energy needed from the diesel engine to move the machine.”

Whether you decide on a more traditional diesel truck for your yard or the newer technology featuring energy efficiency, there are many yard trucks to choose from. With its history of excellence and innovative yard truck solutions an Ottawa Truck might be the best choice for your yard or distribution center. Contact us today to find the O.T. that will give you the best energy efficiency and cost savings for your cargo-handling.

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