Terminal Tractors: They’re Anything But “Terminal”

If you google the word “terminal”, most probably, you’ll receive tons of results including  Computer terminal, Airport terminal, or even the movie, “The Terminal” directed by Steven Spielberg starring Tom Hanks and Catherine Zeta-Jones. It could also associates to heart attacks, brain hemorrhages, or cancer- none of which sound even the slightest bit appealing. The word “terminal” can be connected to danger, or even death. But what if something “terminal” could keep people out of danger, save money, or could enhance business efficiency?

You’ll probably be wondering what word this could be.  You must have heard about this word, and perhaps already encountered with it.

A Terminal Tractor is a specialty truck intended for speedy, secure, safe, and effective movement of cargo containers or semi-trailers. They are often collegially referred as “yard trucks”.


If your business has anything to do with shipping or receiving large amounts of materials, you are aware that the transportation of trailers and cargo containers can be very dangerous while operating traditional means, wherein the operator consistently goes in and out of the cab platform while spotting a trailer. But with Terminal Tractor, you can now reduce that risk. The operator can spot its trailer without even having to leave the cab, giving the operator the very least chance to get in harm’s way and potentially sustain an injury. With least chances of injuries, you can allocate lower budget on your workers’ compensation insurance exposure, which in turn means less money out of your pocket.

Owning a Terminal Tractor is good for all parties involved. It is safe, efficient, and could finish your work at ease. Want more info? Contact us for more information regarding the purchase or leasing of a Terminal Tractor today!


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