Terminal Tractors like the new Xspotter can use CNG fuel alternative

If you work in construction or work or live on a farm, a yard truck is the only practical vehicle you’ll consider buying. But what happens if you need a yard truck and still want to be considerate of the environment?

Awareness of the rise in the cost of diesel fuel, Autocar industry developed new and improved eco-friendly terminal trucks, the XSpotter Series. They are used in much heavy duty truck applications, and are available with a factory- built natural gas power called Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). CNG is fossil fuel substitute for gasoline, diesel fuel, and LPG. It is widely considered a more environmentally “clean” alternative to conventional fuels. It is also much safer than other choices in the event of a spill: it will quickly disperse when released because natural gas is lighter than air. Aside from the eco-friendly fuel, XSpotter series also have a Cummins diesel power option. The Cummins provides a 200 HP power source @ 2600 RMP, and registers 520 ft-lb of torque.



Xspotter yard tractor series has more upgrades including power train performance to cab suspension design, making them much more advance compared to other trucks in the market. They are also convenient, and efficient. They can be used in rail and ship yards, container ports, warehouse and distribution centers; they could also use in moving semi-trailers and intermodal containers from spot to spot.

They also add features for the convenience of the operator. With the Xspotter’s ergonomically- designed cab, driver fatigue is reduced and safety is well enhanced through the expanded windshield viewing area.

Contact us to learn more on how the Xspotter can meet—and exceed—the challenges found in demanding yard applications.

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