Terminal Tractors-Your Solution to Yard Spotting

You would not use a steak knife to cut a 2 x 4. It might work….eventually. But it is definitely not the right tool for the job. And you would not use a hand saw to slice that tasty t-bone steak, either. Right? You want the right tool for the job. You don’t need too much or too little. You don’t want to big or too small.

Investing in terminal tractors  is much the same. It is the right “tool” to accommodate your needs in yard spotting. It offers cost efficiencies, design innovation, and warranty longevity. Some reasons that you might consider:

  • Enter and exit ease. The cab of the terminal tractor is ergonomically designed so that your driver can easily mount and dismount. This will result in more inefficient labor and reduction in injury.
  • Designed for easy hook-up and disengagement. Once in the cab, the driver can engage and disengage without dismounting. This will save $$$ in the reduction of workers’ compensation injuries as well as the obvious time savings.
  • Terminal Tractors are designed for multiple starts and stops. Unlike traditional semi tractors which are designed for highway speeds, long distance comfort, and normal start and stop activity, terminal tractors are built to withstand not only multiple starts and stops but also multiple forward and reverse applications.
  • Being smaller in size, terminal tractors are easily maneuvered into tighter spaces. A short turning radius is both efficient and effective. Though smaller in size, terminal tractors are still capable of moving heavy loads.
  • Maximized visibility. Over-sized mirrors and windows give your drivers improved visibility.
  • Ease of maintenance. Our terminal tractors are designed to be easily maintained so that you can maintain maximum up-time on your vehicle.


Terminal tractors are designed to economically, ergonomically, and efficiently work for your business. We offer a variety of designs, options, and price ranges to suit your needs. Contact us  for more information. Let us show you how to solve your yard spotting issues and bring more money to your bottom line.

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